About the campaign

Knowing people in your community matters

Whether we live in the city centre, in a suburb, on an estate, in a block of flats or in a rural location, there are people around us who can offer friendship and mutual support.
We know that every connection we have with our community makes our lives more meaningful, fun and safe. How to achieve that, though? We have found the answer in the power of a conversation!

We believe that talking offers an opportunity for social change by reducing isolation, building stronger and more resilient communities and significantly enhancing the
well-being of individuals, families and the wider community. Simple as it may be, sometimes even the shortest interaction may work wonders.

Have you ever had that conversation that made you laugh, brightened up your day, left you inspired to do something new or gave you reassurance at the time when you needed it the most? If so, you probably remember the positive feeling it left you with. Such conversations don’t need to happen by chance, though, and this is why Talk to Me Worcester was brought to life! 

How did it all start

Talk to Me Worcester Campaign was first implemented in 2019. The idea was developed jointly by representatives of several organisations operating across the city: Worcester City Council, Father Hudson’s Care, Reconnections, Worcester Community Trust and Fortis Living.

The initiative kicked off on 10th January and lasted until March 2019. Within this time Worcester saw over 1500 people joining
a number of different events taking place across the city.

Weeks of activities

community events

Residents involved

Community awards

People had fun but also found the event educational.


Paczki (Doughnuts) Day was a great way to get people to explore different customs and traditions. 

Event organiser

I didn’t realise that a simple conversation may result in such an enriching experience. 

Campaign participant

We met new people, we had fun! The underused park got used!

Event organiser

We wanted to provide an opportunity for people to socialise! It was a good way to get people together who have different interests and background. 

Friends of Cripplegate Park

It’s all about getting people walking and talking, making friends while enjoying interesting conversations. The event has been a real success, so we will hopefully do another one!

Event organiser

Through the event, we managed to bring people out of their homes to raise community spirit on the streets of Arboretum.

Arboretum Residents Association

Let’s do it again in 2020!

Following the 2019 pilot, a decision has been taken to further build on the success of the initiative. Based on the feedback received from the attendees and organisers of the community events, the 2020 edition has been extended and will last 4 months. This will allow more organisations and community groups to develop and implement events of their choice.

Also, a newly formed community group by the name of European Connections Forum has been nominated as the main coordinator or the campaign. The ECF will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of the campaign together with the key partners in the 2020 initiative: Worcester City Council, Platform Living (formerly Fortis Living), Yellow Scarf, Worcester Community Trust and Reconnections.

Join us in bringing people in the city together by promoting friendship, neighbourliness and welcoming everyone to the place that many of us call home!