Talk to Me Worcester 2020 has finally set off!

How to kick off a campaign that’s all about talking? Provide people with an opportunity to talk even more! That’s exactly what we did when launching the Talk to Me Worcester 2020 on 9th January at the Guildhall.

Talk to Me Worcester Cafe brought together about 30 attendees, representing a number of different organisations, community groups, as well as members of the public. There was a nice mix of different nationalities, too.

Some of those coming said that they live in isolation and feel lonely, so when they heard about the event, they were keen to pop in. They stayed with us for quite a long time, enjoying hot drinks and lots of interesting conversations.

The launch is a great example of how a simple idea can help bring people together to meet and chat, said Basia Ligas, the Campaign coordinator. There’s certainly a need for more of these. We would like to encourage then anyone across the city to check the website and to get involved. As the Campaign develops there will be a number of exciting events taking place in the different neighbourhoods around Worcester. We would also like to invite the public to organise their own events.

Tips on how to get involved in the initiative can be found on the Campaign website. The Talk to Me Worcester partnership is keen to support any ideas that meet the objectives of the campaign that is:

  • Bringing people together through the power of conversation.
  • Promoting friendship and neighbourliness through positive activities.
  • Creating safe and inclusive spaces to meet.
  • Welcoming new arrivals to the city.

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Join us in bringing people in the city together by promoting friendship, neighbourliness and welcoming everyone to the place that many of us call home!